Posted by virantha on Sun 02 February 2014

Digital Toaster Oven Options

Breville Smart Oven BOV 450XL

One of the best kitchen upgrades we did was replacing our old twist-a-dial toaster oven with one that integrates a digital control panel. This gives us precise toasting time control (just dial in the exact number of minutes and seconds you want) and avoids ending up with burnt toast because the analog "darkness" setting was just a tad off.

Even in this day and age, manufacturers have released only a surprisingly small selection of digital toaster, with corresponding high price tags. When I was looking, only the Breville was widely available, but there are more choices these days:

I bought the Mini Breville BOV450XL remanufactured/refurbished model when it was offered at a deep discount, based on the rave reviews, and I was not disappointed with the results while it worked. (see this post for more follow-up on this model)

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