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20 May

Best Docking Stations for Apple MacBooks - Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C?

The state of I/O standards these days can be confusing, even for experienced engineers, and this article attempts to explain some of the intricacies involved in picking the right docking station for your needs.

I recently upgraded my five year old MacBook Pro to a newer model with Thunderbolt ...

06 Jul

Getting started with the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) for parents

Growing up, I missed the window where Pokemon and its associated card game were hugely popular; I suppose my parents caught a lucky break, but then again, they did have to deal with my Transformers and GoBot toys all over the house!

As of 2016, I'm not sure if ...

02 Feb

Digital Toaster Oven Options

Breville Smart Oven BOV 450XL

One of the best kitchen upgrades we did was replacing our old twist-a-dial toaster oven with one that integrates a digital control panel. This gives us precise toasting time control (just dial in the exact number of minutes and seconds you want) and avoids ending up with burnt toast because ...

03 Jul

Bluetooth headset with dedicated mute button

I typically spend several hours a day on conference calls, and I really miss my old blackberry that used to have a dedicated mute button. The iPhone touch button on the phone screen is just not quick enough to quickly jump in and out of a meeting in a noisy ...

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