Posted by virantha on Thu 13 October 2016

FundsGather -- A starter framework for scraping financial information

Currently, this program supports downloading transactions from Maryland's 529 College Savings plans and exporting to QIF, for import into your financial software like Quicken, Banktivity, or MoneyDance. An OFX/QFX plugin is also in the works.


  • Import from web account of Maryland 529 College Savings of all accounts tied to user.
  • Export to QIF file.

Right now, the functionality is fairly rudimentary, but I intend to develop this more in the months to come. Here's my todo list:

  • Export to QFX/OFX (depending on what my financial software supports, it would be easier to write a plugin for XML compliant format)
  • Import other types of transactions (right now, only buys are supported)
  • Import other web sites


See help for now:

$ funds_gather -h

Usage: [options] <username> <password> all [options] <username> <password> (download|qif)... --conf=FILE -h

    username    Login name
    password    Login password
    all         Run all steps in the flow (download,qif)
    download    Download all transactions from accounts
    qif         Save downloaded transactions to qif

    -h --help        show this message
    -v --verbose     show more information
    -d --debug       show even more information
    --version        show version
    --out=FILE       output filename [default: out.qif]
    --conf=FILE      load options from file


$ pip install funds_gather


The software is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

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