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04 Apr

LEGO®'s new SPIKE Prime BluetoothLE Controlled Robotics Kit


Updated 4/9/19 with some new information regarding the sensors from newly available datasheets.

Lego® just announced their brand-new (as of April 2019) robotics education kit, the SPIKE Prime. It's available for pre-order for US $329.95 from the Lego® Education Store as part number 45678, and ...

30 Mar

BrickNil - Control LEGO Bluetooth Sensors and Motors with Python

BrickNil [*] provides an easy way to connect to and program LEGO® Bluetooth hubs (including the PoweredUp Passenger Train 60197 and Cargo Train 60198 sets, and the Lego Duplo Steam Train 10874 and Cargo Train 10875 ) using Python on OS X and Linux. This work was inspired by this EuroBricks thread ...

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