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30 Mar

ScanPDF - Usage guide

If you're looking for a simple way to use a multi-page scanner and get your document into a PDF in Linux without any proprietary or commercial software, then ScanPDF might be the solution. I wrote it to quickly take the Linux SANE scanner system output image files, and process ...

23 Jul

PyPDFOCR - Guide to Usage

  • Take a scanned PDF file and run OCR on it (using the Tesseract OCR software from Google), generating a searchable PDF
  • Optionally, watch a folder for incoming scanned PDFs and automatically run OCR on them
  • Optionally, file the scanned PDFs into directories based on simple keyword matching that you specify ...

22 Jul

PyPDFOCR - A Python Script for Free OCR on Your PDFs using Tesseract



  • Anytime -¬†Get the latest updates on PyPDFOCR
  • 10/28/13 - Adds uploading to Evernote notebooks based on keywords!
  • 10/25/13 - Supports filing to directories based on keyword search
  • 10/22/13 - Now on PyPI, so you can just do "pip install pypdfocr"! (For windows, I still recommend downloading ...

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