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11 Mar

Font rendering fix in Chrome

Seems like there was a reason Chrome rendered the text on this web page rather poorly at first go: See this page, but basically you need to set the anti-aliasing for Chrome:

-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;

08 Mar

Pound reverse proxy and simpler URLs for webapps (Sickbeard, Plex, CouchPotato, Headphones, SABNZBD)

I run a plethora of local web applications that each listen on different ports, and I wanted to simplify their URLs so I could just type a hostname to access them:

Hostname mapping
Application Default URL Desired URL
Sickbeard http://linux-server:8081 http://sickbeard
SabNZBD http://linux-server:8080 http://sabnzbd ...

04 Sep

PyYAML: Include yaml files within yaml files

The official YAML spec doesn't support embedding external files inside a YAML file, a feature that can be extremely useful for maintenance of long/complex YAML files. I found this great code snippet yaml-include-snippet for including other YAML files in your top-level YAML.

However, the code above assumes the ...

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