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30 Mar

BrickNil - Control LEGO Bluetooth Sensors and Motors with Python

BrickNil [*] provides an easy way to connect to and program LEGO® Bluetooth hubs (including the PoweredUp Passenger Train 60197 and Cargo Train 60198 sets, and the Lego Duplo Steam Train 10874 and Cargo Train 10875 ) using Python on OS X and Linux. This work was inspired by this EuroBricks thread ...

07 Nov

PhotoKeeper: Usage guide

This script will take a source directory (say the contents of a flash card from a camera), scan all the image/video file EXIFs, and sort them into date-based folders in a user-specified directory. It will optionally only copy files that have not already been copied (deduplication per folder). Photo ...

10 Jan

AirFrame: Usage guide

Download images from an authenticated Flickr account (or local filesystem) and push them wirelessly to a Toshiba FlashAir Wifi SD card mounted in a digital photo frame.


  • Authenticates to Flickr to get ...

09 Jan

AirFrame: Hacking together a WiFi photo frame with a Toshiba FlashAir SD card and Flickr

I'm going to describe AirFrame, a Python script I wrote that's available on GitHub under ASL2 open-source, that can automatically pull photos matching a given set of tags from an authorized Flickr account, and wirelessly push them to a WiFi enabled SD card sitting inside an inexpensive digital ...

14 Nov

Starting a simple Flask app with Heroku

Flask and Heroku

Inspired by this article on Python Weekly, I thought I'd look into deploying a simple hello world application to Heroku, built on the Flask micro framework.

Here's my workflow:

  • Create a new directory and Python virtualenv (make sure virtualenvwrapper is installed!):

    cd ~/dev
    mkdir proj
    cd proj
    mkvirtualenv ...

04 Nov

Creating new notes and attaching files using Evernote's Python API

Documents to Evernote

I managed to piece together how to attach a new PDF file to an Evernote note using their Python API, so I thought it might be useful to have a post that has all of this information together in one place.  I've put together a complete example that will ...

29 Sep

Quick web app with Go, Ember.js, and MongoDB


As part of my recent foray into the Go language, I stumbled across this excellent example by Nerdyworm part 1, part 2, part 3 that shows how to build a small web application using the ember.js javascript framework and Go providing the backend server. I took this example, fixed ...

16 Aug

Reading and writing Microsoft Word docx files with Python


I've been wanting to script simple text scanning and substitution in Microsoft Word documents for a while now, and after a little digging, it turns out, it's fairly straight-forward to read and edit .docx (OpenXML) or the ECMA-376 original standard, and now under ISO as ISO/IEC 29500 ...

03 Jul

Bluetooth headset with dedicated mute button

I typically spend several hours a day on conference calls, and I really miss my old blackberry that used to have a dedicated mute button. The iPhone touch button on the phone screen is just not quick enough to quickly jump in and out of a meeting in a noisy ...

20 Apr

Python auto sort of OCR'ed PDFs

I'd previously written about how I was using a Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500 to reduce paper clutter and move to a paperless workflow at home.  So far, this system has been working great for me, with every scanned document getting OCR'ed and uploaded to my default Evernote notebook as ...

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