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10 Mar

An Example Provisioning of HACKT on a Centos 7 VM using Vagrant and Ansible

I recently needed to get an open-source circuit toolkit (HACKT)compiled and deployed on my local system. I already knew the C++ source compiled and installed fine on Linux, and didn't want to jump through the hoops to get it running on my Mac 10.11 (El Capitan) system ...

09 Mar

Migrating XenServer Virtual Machine VDIs to KVM

After having worked with Xenserver 6.2 for over a year now, I've decided to migrate away from it. It just wasn't stable enough with SATA pass-through on my machine, and it had some really annoying bugs with the way snapshots and backups were handled:

  • Under load, my ...

21 May

Installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahir) VM on a XenServer 6.2 host

I had a hard time getting Xenserver 6.2 to install a new VM with the latest long-term-support version of Ubuntu (14.04). The process documented below, pieced together from several posts, leads to a fairly straight-forward install.

Fix your pygrub on the Xenserver host

Based on this post, do ...

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